Select a Task from the Pending Queue

Transcriber => This article explains how to select a new dictation for transcription.

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The task status 'Pending' means that the task has been dictated by an author and is now waiting for the next step, e.g. transcription.

  1. Login with your credentials.

=> You enter the Tasks section listing all tasks in the PENDING queue.

  • The table displays various columns with information relating to each task.

  • Priority and due date should be taken into account.

2. Select a task and click on it to open.

  • The Edit task information window opens. Here, the transcriber can verify the patient information (or edit if necessary).

a) Screen with NO integration:

b) Screen with integration:

4. To progress UPDATE or close the window (click on the x in the top right corner).

  • You are now in the document editing area using a template.

5. Use the foot pedal (or the play button in the player area at the bottom of the page) and start entering the dictation.

NOTE: If your foot pedal is not working make sure the foot pedal driver is installed.

  • RETURN TO LIST - at any time you can use this option and the task will be moved back to the 'Pending list' with all changes saved.

  • KEEP AS WIP - at any time you can use this option which will create a Work In Progress tab in the task bar beside 'Pending'. Anything kept in WIP mean only YOU can see and access this work. No one else has access to it - be sure not to forget about this work in the event you are going to be away from the office.

6. Click on SAVE if you have completed the transcription.

=> This will move the task to the next step in your workflow.

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