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Migrating to the New T-Pro Web Recorder
Migrating to the New T-Pro Web Recorder

Author => read this article before migrating to T-Pro's new Web Recorder.

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Current version

If you have been using T-Pro's Recorder, also referred to as T-Pro Connect Desktop App, you probably have the application installed and were using a desktop shortcut to access it.

T-Pro Recorder looks like this:

New version

If you or your clinic is moving over to T-Pro's new Web Recorder there are some things that you need to prepare beforehand.

Draft recordings

If there are any recordings you have not yet sent to the server (uploaded) you need to
do so.

Select one of your draft files after the other, complete them, and send them on using the Finalise icon as usual.

All draft recordings must be cleared in advance of migrating to the new version.

Remove old shortcut

You can remove the shortcut to the current Recorder version from your desktop.

Right-click on the icon and select Delete.

Furthermore, the following should be verified:

Bandwidth requirements

300 Kbps per user (= 3 Mbps for every 10 users)

Note: The Web Recorder will periodically check the quality of your Internet connection and inform you if and when it can not support Dictation.

T-Pro Connect

If you work with external devices such as a microphone or a foot pedal you need to have T-Pro Connect installed.

This enables external devices to connect the Recorder and ensures their functionality.

Download the application via the installation links below or contact your system administrator.

T-Pro Connect installation

  • Get the Web Recorder desktop shortcut here.

  • Get the combined desktop shortcut and T-Pro Connect Installer here.

  • View the installation instructions for Windows here.

  • View the installation instructions for Apple iOS here.

User manual

View the complete user guide for the Web Recorder at the end of this article.

Network requirements

Various details on firewall settings can be found here.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk or [email protected]. © 2023

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