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eClinic Manager - During the Video Call (I)
eClinic Manager - During the Video Call (I)

Author => this article explains the People & Chat section with their options

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If you have not yet worked with eCM please see the Introduction first.

Admit & remove participants

When you have started the call you see that "no one is here yet".

You need to admit your patient and all further participants (in a group call).

Click on the green icon next to the participants name to do so.

If you click on the red icon you disconnect the person from the session. The red icon only shows when the participant is not yet in the session (but in the waiting room).
The waiting person sees the following message:

Once admitted to the session you need to go to the options menu to remove the participant:

Click on the three dots and select Remove user.

=> With these functions you can have participants temporarily in your session.


Click on the three dots (as above) and select Take screenshot.

With this option you take a screenshot of what the patient's camera captures.

The patient will first receive a request for consent that you can take a screenshot.

Note: The moment the patient confirms the request, a screenshot is taken. Therefore, it is recommended to clearly set the image you want to take the screenshot of before requesting the consent.

Example of a screenshot:

Note: Nothing else from the patient's screen will be captured.

Add participants

Further participants can be invited during the session or just before you admit the others.

Click on the icon next to the search field.

Enter the name, a contact email or mobile number of the participant.
You have the option to provide a description, e.g. the job title.

Click on ADD.

=> An invite will be sent and the receiver can join the call.

You, as the organiser of the session, will see a notification in the corner if one or more participant want to join the call.

This is particularly handy in a group call where you can have up to 50 participants.


Use the Search field to look up if a certain participant is actually connected.

Private Notes

In the session information section change to CHAT.

Click on the three dots to view the options:

Select Private note.

Use the space for notes during the session. Only you can see this.

Click on SEND to save the note to the appointment. You can later view them in the Clinic Schedule.

Add attachments

In your Chat options select Add attachment.

A browser window opens and you can select files from a local or remote location to share with the other participants.

Note: The Chat is a general chat which means every participant can see the messages and download the sent attachments.

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