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eClinic Manager - An Introduction
eClinic Manager - An Introduction

Author => this article provides a first overview for new eCM users

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The T-Pro eCLINIC MANAGER is a feature within the author's work-space which enables easy access to online consultation.

Accessing eCM

Accessing eCM

  • the feature CLINIC MANAGER must be enabled for your profile

  • you are already logged in

  • the feature CLINIC MANAGER can be accessed from the top menu bar

The Clinic Schedule

The Clinic Schedule list all your appointments (the sample above shows three video appointments).
It's the main workspace of the Clinic Manager.

The Clinic Schedule caters for

  • video appointments

  • phone appointments

  • integration of your existing IT scheduling system through HL7/FHIR

  • creating new appointments

  • creating group calls with up to 50 participants

    NOTE: This can also be done by your clerical staff (e.g. a transcriber)

  • accessing all appointment types directly from the application with one click

The Invite

The email will look like the following and contain, patient name, date of the appointment and the name and address of the hospital.

The patient accesses the virtual appointment via the button in the email and will first enter a waiting room.


You will see the patient’s name listed on the appointment date, with a blue symbol beside their name.

  • Blue - scheduled appointment

The icon turns green once the patient has entered the virtual waiting room (and it is within 5 minutes of the appointment).

  • The patient's waiting time is displayed.

  • Green - indicating the patient is online

  • An entry with a light blue icon and greyed out patient information indicates that the call has been taken.

Following a successful video consultation you can create a related task.

You have more options for each of your appointments as shown above.


There are various detailed articles on eCM topics such as using the filter for the Clinic Schedule, work with patient lists, create and edit appointments, video calls, group calls, phone calls, etc.

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