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eClinic Manager - Starting a Video Call
eClinic Manager - Starting a Video Call

Author =>This article explains how to start a video session as the organiser.

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If you have not yet worked with eCM please see the Introduction first.

Starting a video session

As the organiser of a video session you go through some steps before you virtually meet the participants. These are:

  1. Opening a session from the Clinic Schedule (below)
    Click on the entry where the patient is waiting.

  2. The session opens in a new tab.
    The Session Information section is visible.

    1 - the session information shows you the patient data
    2 - you can search for participants (in group calls with several people)
    3 - add further participants before you start the session
    4 - at this stage you could disconnect the patient from the virtual waiting room
    5 - check or change your Audio and Video settings
    6 - when you are set to go join the session with a click on the button

  3. You have opened the session but before the patient (or other participants) can see you, you need to admit them to the call.

  4. Now you can see each other.

The several options available to you during the session will be explained in separate articles.

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