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T-Pro Speech - Use Your Mobile as a Microphone
T-Pro Speech - Use Your Mobile as a Microphone

Author => This article explains the Speech application*s Remote Mic mode

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Transform your mobile device into a microphone

With T-Pro's latest mobile application Speech you turn your mobile device into a dictaphone.

T-Pro Speech establishes a connection to the current task in T-Pro's web application and allows you to dictate in real time your task content. There is no need for expensive external digital devices.

Install T-Pro Speech from the store (App store or Play Store depending on your device) on your mobile device.

The application

Open the app.

Depending on your settings the app appears in a dark or light theme.

The workflow

  • You create a new task in T-Pro's web application.

  • You establish a connection between the new task and the Speech app via a QR code.

  • You place the cursor in the right position in your document.

  • You start recording with your mobile device.

  • You can go back to tasks to edit them in the same way.

NOTE: You need to grant the app permission to use the camera for QR code scanning as well as the microphone for dictating.

In the web application:

  1. In the new task you can see the QR icon in the speech recognition area at the bottom.​

  2. Click on the QR icon to generate a QR code for the current task.

    => With the QR code you establish the connection to the Speech app.

In the Speech application:

  1. On the start screen tapp on Scan QR Code.

  2. Point your camera at the generated code.

  3. The recorder opens indicating that it is connected.

    Android Connected screen:

    - Tapp on the blue microphone to start the recording.

    - While recording the icon indicates input:

    Android icon

    - Tapp again on the icon to pause.

    iOS recording screen:

    - The recording starts right away

    - While recording the icon indicates input:

    iPhone icon

    - Tapp on the blue icon to pause the recording

  4. Tapp on Done in the right corner when you have finished the dictation.​

    => The connection to the current task will be cut. The app goes back to the starting screen and you can progress with the next task (following the steps described above).

More detailed information can be found in the user manual for

T-Pro Speech Android

T-Pro Speech iOS

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