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T-Pro Desktop Recorder - Unable to Upload Recordings
T-Pro Desktop Recorder - Unable to Upload Recordings

Follow the attached guild if you are experiencing a problem uploading recordings.

Updated over a week ago


T-Pro Connect has recently been updated in response to changes to TLS support in Microsoft Windows. This is a critical update and should be applied now in order to continue to use your T-Pro Desktop Recorder.


  1. Download the installation file from here

  2. It will be available in your default ‘Downloads’ folder, double click on it to start the installation. Follow the default prompts when installing the application.

  3. Re-submit Recordings with a status of ‘Unsent’ by clicking on the circular arrow, see the screen below:


  1. If the upload fails after installing Connect you may need to restart your PC, log into T-Pro Desktop Recorder and repeat Step 3 above.

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