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How to Dictate Using Telephony
How to Dictate Using Telephony

Author => This article explains how to create a dictation using a land line and 4 digit PIN

Updated over a week ago

With the T-Pro telephony system, you can record and upload a dictation using any phone (mobile or landline).

  1. Each organisation is given their own telephony (landline) number.

  2. Dial the number from a landline or mobile phone, and enter the supplied PIN number when prompted.

  3. Enter Patient MRN and press '#' (if you have no MRN, press 0)

You can use the following commands:

  • 1: Rewind 10 seconds

  • 2: Play

  • 3: Pause / Start recording again

  • 4: Rewind to start

  • 5: Fast forward

  • 6: Insert

  • 7: Change priority

  • 9: End dictation

  • 0: New dictation

  • Hang up to end

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