How To Change Patient Details on a Task

Transcriber => This article explains how to edit patient details in a document.

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  1. Open the task, you want to edit from your Tasks section.

  2. At the top, click on the patient ID to edit the task information.

a. If there is an integration, you will see the following:

1 - Search for a patient using the Subject ID (usually called MRN) or the Subject
Name (patient name)

  • If the patient hospital number dictated (or entered manually) by the author is correct it can be used in the Patient Search bar.

  • This will then pull all relevant information for that patient into the body of the letter, patient name, patient address, GP name and address, clinic visits etc.

2- You can change group

3 - Change the Report Type (template)

4 - Select a second approver

5 - Add the patient details manually

3. Once you find a patient, you need to select a visit or disable it.

4. Click on UPDATE to save your changes.

b. If there is no integration or you have selected ADD MANUALLY you will see the following:

1. Enter your changes manually.

2. Click on UPDATE to save your changes.

  • The edited patient details will be placed in the template.

NOTE: There are changes that require Helpdesk assistance.

  • Most changes made after the author has approved the letter (in storing stage) will result in removal of the authors digital signature.

  • Changes to the author will send the letter back to Pending.

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