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Installing & Configuring the Foot Pedal Driver - MacOS
Installing & Configuring the Foot Pedal Driver - MacOS

Transcriber => This article explains how to install and configure the foot pedal driver on MacOS.

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NOTE: If you have a foot pedal connected to your Apple computer which you want to use with the T-Pro website you need to install the appropriate driver, ControllerMate. Please follow the steps below in order for your foot pedal to work correctly.

  1. Download and unzip the file here:

  2. Execute the file: ControllerMateXkeys.dmg and install it.

3. Open the software ControllerMate in your applications folder.

4. Next, go to File > Import and select the second downloaded file in the folder: Footpedal_settings.cmate

5. Click on Import.

=> The import process starts.

6. Tick the selection box in the sidebar named Imported from 'Footpedal_settings' to activate the settings.

7. Close the application.

  • You should now be able to use your foot pedal on the T-Pro website.

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