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Search for a Completed Task
Search for a Completed Task

Author => This article explains how to view or download a completed task

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NOTE: You can only download a completed document if you have used a template; otherwise you can only copy the text from the opened task as described below.

2. From the top left menu select ALL TASKS.

  • In the ALL TASKS section you will be able to view any task that has ever been put through the system OR is currently going through the system.

3. From here add your search criteria
a. Period
b. Task Status = Completed
c. Priority
d. Departments

=> The more information you provide the more accurate your search results will be.

4. Click UPDATE TABLE when all search criteria is entered.

=> From the generated list below, search for and select the document you wish to view.

5. Click on the required document to open it.

=> The document is in View only mode. You can see the document text as well as patient information.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to able to modify completed tasks.

=> Only if a configured template has been used for the selected document you will be able to download it as a MS Word document.

6. Use the EXPORT DOCX button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

NOTE: If no template has been used, this button will not be visible.

7. If you cannot export your document you can copy and paste it into another application.

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