How "Merge Fields" Work

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NOTE: Merge fields are text blocks in the templates that are populated from the hospital database, usually Patient and Doctor information. To help you understand better which part of the document is a merge field see the following examples:

  1. This is what the merge fields looks like:

2. From time to time you may want to delete an empty or unused merge field. You will first delete the text revealing the field placeholder. At this stage you delete the placeholder. (If you made a mistake and want to restore the merged text see below.)

3. You can also edit text in a merge field. These changes will only be made on the task you are working on. No changes will be made to the database of patient information.

4. If you have changed or deleted text by mistake you can also reset merge fields back to their original content.

  • You find this option in the text editor by clicking on the three dots next to the character count.

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