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How to Create a Draft Task with the T-Pro Dictate Mobile App
How to Create a Draft Task with the T-Pro Dictate Mobile App

Author => This article explains how to create a new task on a cell phone and save as a draft.

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A draft dictation will allow users to begin a new task, save it temporarily to their device and complete recording at a later time

To create drafts in the mobile app you need to:

1. Open the T-Pro Dictate mobile app.

2. Tap on the red microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to go to the Recorder and start a new task.

3. Fill in the necessary data (you can also leave them blank and dictate them).

4. Tap on the microphone icon to start your recording.

5. Press on the Pause icon when your are finished.

6. To save the draft tap on the X in the top left of the screen.

=> The recording will be automatically saved.

7. In the main screen tap on DRAFT to access your draft task(s).

NOTE: These drafts are only saved on your mobile device. They do not appear in the web application until you upload them in the Recorder section (by tapping the check mark icon).

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