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Storer user => This article explains how to store a document and other options.

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NOTE: A secretary can have both a typist role AND storing role, or they can be separate roles.

2. Select STORING in your Tasks section.

NOTE: If STORING is not displayed, you might not be assigned to that role.

3. Select a document from the STORING list.

4. Click on FINALISE to move the task to be stored by the system.

=> It will disappear from the list.

  • Because this is the last stage of a document, we do NOT allow any modification to the document at this point. You could change the Patient Name / ID or playback the audio.

  • If the document has been created from a template you will be able to export the document as a Word document.

  • If the document does not have a template attached you will not be able to export the document - you can copy and paste if required.

  • If you select RETURN TO LIST the document will be put back to the STORING list (available to any member of the same storing group).

  • If you select KEEP AS WIP the document will be moved to your WORK IN PROGRESS list where only you can see this document.

NOTE: The document will be removed from your tasks list but can still be accessed by searching for it under ALL TASKS.

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