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How to Move a Task out of 'Work in Progress' (WIP)
How to Move a Task out of 'Work in Progress' (WIP)

Manager role => The following article describes how to move a task out of WIP, if the assigned user is not available to complete it

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  1. Login to with your manager or master credentials.

  2. Click on ALL TASKS.

3. Filter for the relevant task; the status is Work in Progress.

=> The more information you provide the more accurate your search results will be in locating your task.

4. Once you have located the relevant task, click on the options icon (the three dots) on the right of the task.

5. The context menu opens:

=> You can move the task out of WIP with with following options:

RETURN TO PENDING - This returns the task to the main transcription pool.

RETURN TO VR - This returns the task to voice recognition.
SEND TO NEXT STAGE - This will force the task onto the next stage of the transcription route.
SEND TO PREVIOUS STAGE - This returns the task to the previous stage of the route. => If you are unsure of the route stages you can use the option VIEW ROUTE.

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