How to Transcribe Outside of T-Pro

Transcriber => This article describes how you can use T-Pro's floating player to transcribe outside of T-Pro

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T-Pro can be used to record the dictation of tasks and manage them in queues, e.g. PENDING, WIP, from where transcribers can process the tasks with another application (outside of T-Pro).

NOTE: Please be aware that in this case only audio files will be stored within
T-Pro's application - there will be no text documents available for future reference.

  1. Select your location.
    EU region:
    APAC region:

  2. Log in as a clerical user with your credentials.

3. Go to your Tasks in PENDING.

4. Click on a task to open it.

=> The floating player opens.

5. Open your editor of choice that you wish to transcribe into (e.g. Word, EMR. etc.) and use the foot pedal as normal to playback your task.

  • Use the pencil icon to make changes to the patient data if required

  • You have the option to return the task to the list, keep it as WIP or SAVE it when finished.

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