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Master user => This article gives an overview of the facility stats

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  1. You are logged in with your Manager or Master credentials.

  2. Select your Facility and click on OVERVIEW.

=> The top bar gives an overview of the total amount of live tasks and the change from the previous week in percentage (%). In the below example are currently 334 pending tasks - waiting to be typed - which is up 7% to last week.

=> The chart underneath gives an overview of the totals tasks in the last 12 months broken down into Tasks Created, in-house tasks, and Outsourced.

  • Hover over the data points on the graph to see the exact figures.

=> The next 2 graphs show the Age of Dictation and Turnaround time status both broken down into various time stamps.

The next graph show Average turnaround time in the last 30 days. This is broken down by phase i.e. transcription, approval, storing etc. This gives a clear overview of any bottlenecks and highlights areas of possible efficiency savings. By adding turnaround time targets you can keep a close eye on your own SLA's or external targets.

Click on EDIT TARGETS to change the settings:

=> The final section shows the authors with the most amount of tasks in Waiting for Approval in the last 12 months and also the transcribers with the most amount of tasks in Work in Progress in the last 12 months:

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