How to Print from T-Pro

This article describes how to print a document.

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  1. Log into T-Pro with your user credentials.

  2. Open the task you want to print.

=> There are two ways to print a document:

Click on the print icon (1) at the start of the TEXT EDITOR's tool bar.

Click on the three dots in the menu bar to open further options (2) and select PRINT DOCUMENT.

3. Select one option to print the document.
=> The print window opens.

4. Check and/or change the selected print settings.

You have the options to print:

  • Electronically

  • Physically

  • Both

  • Select for an extra copy (physical)

  • Enable Duplex printing (with the slider)

=> In the above case one hard copies of each document will be printed.


This needs to be set up by our integration team. For sites within the ROI electronic distribution is done via Healthlink.

If your facility is set up for Healthlink and you activate the electronic distribution the content of your documents will be securely transmitted.

NOTE: Electronic sending is not preformed simultaneously to your print process but when you click the FINALISE button in a task (e.g. when the task status changes to COMPLETED).


This is the common standard setting and results in the document being printed single sided.

Extra copy

Select this option if you want an additional hard copy to be printed.
You receive a duplicate print of the document for filing.

Duplex printing

Activate the slider to enable double-sided printing. This also adds a blank page if needed, e.g. for odd page numbers or for cover pages.


=> A print preview window opens.

General print preview

6. You can adjust various settings before printing:

  • Destination

  • Pages

  • Copies

  • Color

  • More settings such as paper size, pages per sheet and scale.

7. Click on Print.

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