Adding Attachments

This article explains how to add an attachment to a task.

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=> Users can now add attachments through their web browser. The following file types are supported:


NOTE: Only PDF attachments can be printed with the main document.

Upload attachments

  1. Open a task from the task list.

  2. Click on the ATTACHMENTS tab.

3. From here you can either
a. Drag and drop one or more files to this page;
b. Click the section to browse your computer for the required file(s).

=> The file(s) will be listed on this page.

  • If your attachment is a PDF you can include it as an additional page on the final document.

4. Click on SEND to save the attachments to the current task.

  • At any time you can upload more attachments.

Download attachments

  1. On the ATTACHMENTS tab, click on the '3 dots' to the right of the attachment under Action.

2. Select DOWNLOAD.

  • The other option in this menu is to DELETE the attachment. As soon as you select DELETE the file will be gone.

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