Workflow & Task Status

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Workflows & Task Status

Workflows, also known as Transcription Routes, determine the path of each task crated in any given group. The below shows and describes the longest workflow available.

New: The author will create a new task, e.g. via dictation on the app and this is currently being uploaded to T-Pro.

VR: The task has been uploaded and is going through voice recognition.

Pending: When the document has been uploaded to T-Pro and is waiting to be typed.

Work in Progress: The typist will open the document and begin transcribing

Review | Pending: Letter is awaiting quality assurance.

Review | Progress: Letter is being reviewed by a member of our Quality Assurance team.

Processing | Pending: Letter is waiting to be reviewed by staff in facility.

Processing | Process: The storer will process the document. This stage allows for the additional of information to the document before sending for approval e.g. adding test results.

Waiting for Approval: The letter is waiting to be approved by author.
Waiting for Second Approval: The letter is waiting for approval from the second approver.

Store | Pending: Letter has been approved and is ready to be printed and finalised.

Store | Progress: Storer will open the document. At this stage the document can be downloaded, printed and saved if necessary.

Completed: Letter has been finalised and now in All Tasks.

The workflow can be configured to include and exclude any of the above steps in the order that they appear. If there are multiple groups within 1 department you have groups with a different workflow.

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