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Transcriber => This article describes how to change a report type or template on a task.

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Below we are offering you a short training video on the topic or a step-by-step guide:

1) Support video

2) Step by step

  1. Open the task in question.

  2. Click on the task information at the top of the letter to edit it.

=> The Edit task information window opens.

3. Click in the field Document Type to display the drop down list.

4. Change the Document Type.
5. Click on UPDATE.

=> The template of the letter has now been changed.

Recover task text

NOTE: If the letter was already typed before you changed the template, the previously typed text may seem to have 'disappeared'.

=> To recover the text use the option Access previous content on top of the letter. Beside this (in the below example) we can see BODY.

1. Click on the BODY button.

=> This will copy the previous content of the letter.

2. You can then right click and paste the previous text into the body of the new template.

  • Repeat steps as necessary for other fields.

=> You have successfully change the template / document type for your letter.

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