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Upload an Audio File to T-Pro
Upload an Audio File to T-Pro

Author => How to upload a recording from outside T-Pro

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This article explains how to upload a recording that was not originally recorded using T-Pro but i.e. a dictaphone. This can be done only through an author account.

  1. Login using username and password at

  2. Go to LIVE TASKS.

  3. In the bottom right hand corner of your screen is a blue icon with an an arrow to Upload a recording.

  4. Click on it.

5. Drag and drop your audio file onto the new page.

=> Alternatively, you can click and browse to your file.

6, Once the audio file has been selected, you will be prompted to Create a task.

7. Click on SELECT PATIENT and enter the patient information

=> You can also change the Priority, Author Group and Document Type or Template.

=> To add more audio files use the option UPLOAD MORE.

8. When all information is correct, click on SEND.

  • Your audio file(s) will be uploaded to your T-Pro Account. A blue progress bar is displayed.

  • The new task is now listed in the section LIVE TASKS under PENDING.

NOTE: Please make sure to leave the browser window open until the process has been fully completed as otherwise your file can get corrupted.

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