How to Create a New Group

Manager or Master user => This article explains how to create a new user group in a department.

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Login at with your manager or master account credentials.

Go to the department which you would like to add a group to.

In T-Pro, you can add groups for different user types:
Managers (when you are a Master user)

NOTE: You create new groups for all user types in the same manner. Our example below shows a new author group.

  1. Go to the AUTHORS tab.

  2. Click on the option New Group at the end of the group list:

The New Group window opens:

3. Fill in the Name of the group.
You can also set a priority, add a note, and set a topic.
4. Click on SAVE.

=> This will create the new group.
Below you see that 1 Authors Group has been added. It contains 0 users and has No transcription route set up.

NOTE: Author groups work with transcription routes, in the next step you need to create a new transcription route. See the article How to Create a New Transcription Route.

To add users to an group see the article How to add users to groups.

See below how an authors group with users and an assigned transcription route looks like in the All Authors list:

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