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How to Access Your Online Appointment with T-Pro eClinic
How to Access Your Online Appointment with T-Pro eClinic

Patient => This article explains how a patient connects to the T-Pro eClinic for a consultant appointment

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If a patient - you - cannot or should not go out to visit a medical surgery in person, you do not need to miss the appointment.
T-Pro eClinic connects you via your mobile phone or your computer with your healthcare provider.

All you need is:

  • mobile phone OR computer with a camera and microphone

  • internet connection

  • the invite to your virtual appointment - this is either an email or an SMS containing the link to access your appointment

Follow the easy steps below to virtually access your appointment:

Email invite

  1. You have received a scheduled appointment from your healthcare provider in your email inbox.

2. Click on this email to open it.
It contains your invitation with the date and time of your appointment.

3. There is a blue button, click on it to enter the virtual waiting room.

SMS invite

In case you have provided your mobile number as a contact you will receive your invitation via SMS.

  1. Go to your SMS Messages on your mobile phone and find the invite. It looks similar to the sample below:

2. On the scheduled day, at the right time click on link to start your virtual visit.

=> You enter the virtual waiting room.

NOTE: You need to give permission for your camera and microphone to be used.

Access your appointment

  • The virtual waiting room is a blue screen which will disappear when your doctor joins the session.

  • The field in the right corner shows yourself if you use a camera. This is what your doctor will see.

  • When your doctor opens the session you will see them face to face.

  • You can now talk to your doctor securely, in the same way as if you were visiting in person.

Screen Options

Use the icons to turn your Microphone on or off (mute ), turn the Camera on or off, or Hang up to end the call.

Click on the three dots to display more options:

  • You can blur your background so the camera only focuses on you. The room behind you will be out of focus.

  • You could start a presentation which means that you share what you see on your screen with the other participant(s), e.g. your doctor.
    Example: you received a letter from your health insurance and want to look at it together with your doctor.

  • Open the Settings - this refers to the camera and microphone settings, and you can check your internet connection (you could also access the Settings prior to the call from the waiting room).

Audio and video settings

Chat Option

You can use the chat function in the top left corner of your screen.

A red dot indicates that there are messages.

Click on the icon to view the chat.

  • Use the chat, for example if you cannot hear the doctor.

  • You can also share files with your doctor by attaching them in the chat.


Click on the PEOPLE to see which participants are taking part in your appointment, e.g. your doctor could have invited a colleague or medical student to join.


Your doctor might want to take a snapshot of your screen, e.g. to have an image of your injury.

This has to be requested and can only be done if you grant your permission.

You see the following message on your screen:

NOTE: The moment you confirm the screenshot request the image is taken. For good results position yourself in the best way to the camera and stay still when you confirm.

Good luck with your appointment and thank you for trusting to use T-Pro eClinic.
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