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How to Upload or Update Your Signature
How to Upload or Update Your Signature

Author => This article explains how to set up or change your sign-off or signature.

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The sign-off used in your documents should include basic information such as:

  • First and last name

  • Clinic name

  • Title/position

  • Signature

The signature is a file containing your handwritten name as you would sign your documents.

Below we are offering you a short training video on the topic or a step-by-step guide:

1) Support video

2) Step by step

Accessing the sign-off section

To set up or change this information within the T-Pro application follow the simple steps below:

  1. Log in with your T-Pro credentials as for the app and website

  2. Click on your profile (top right corner) and on EDIT ACCOUNT.

3. Click on SIGN OFF.

Here, you have two areas: sign off and signature.

The fields are either blank or contain your current user data.

Author sign off

  1. Place the cursor in the sign off field and type the required information.

  • The field works like a basic word processor to format the sign-off. You can use Format Blocks, select the font size, chose a color, select bold, italic, or underline, etc.

2. When you are finished click on SAVE.

Author signature

  1. Click on UPLOAD SIGNATURE to add a file with your digitalised signature.

  2. In the new window browse to your signature file and click Open to display the file.

  3. Adjust the signature in the preview field:

4. Use the transparency slider for further adjustment.

  • Alternatively, you can type your name as you want it to be displayed to create a generic signature. Click on APPLY to see a preview.

5. Click on SAVE when everything is completed.

  • Your new sign-off can now be used in your document templates.

First time login

Authors who use the T-Pro application for the first time can also set up their signature at first login:

The default signature displayed can be used or an individualised file uploaded.

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