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Templates - Using the Disable Editor
Templates - Using the Disable Editor

All users => This article explains the template option "Disable Editor".

Updated over a week ago

This option is for users who do not work with T-Pro's web based document editor but use their own e.g. case management systems instead.

This is usually set up for the entire organisation.

Disable the template editor

You need to be an administrator, master, or manager user.

  1. Go to the template section and open a template.

  2. Tick the box to activate the disabling feature.

3. SAVE your change.

=> Transcribers can now process documents/tasks outside of T-Pro.


As a transcriber you are working with a floating player to process the documents/tasks outside of the T-Pro application.

  1. Go to your tasks list and select a task.

  2. The floating player opens automatically.

3. Process the task and SAVE.

At any time you can return the task to the list or keep it as WIP.

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