Deactivate a User Account

Manager, master & administrator role => This article describes how to deactivate a user account.

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T-Pro offers the simple option to deactivate user accounts and if needed activate them again at a later stage.

Below we are offering you a short support video on how to dictate documents and a step-by-step guide:

1) Support video

2) Step by step

Steps for administrator and master users

1) In the main menu at the top select USERS.

2) Use the search field to bring up the relevant user(s).

3) By default, active users have a ticked blue box.

4) Just click in the box to remove the activation.

=> The user is deactivated with immediate effect.

Steps for managers

1) You can do so by accessing the user profile via the department.
Below, we show the EDITORS group as an example.
See that the current editor has an Activated user account.

2) Click on the user entry to open the profile overview.
Right at the bottom there is the button to DEACTIVATE the user.

=> A deactivated user stays visible in the user list(s) but is clearly marked as Deactivated.

=> A deactivated user will see the below message when trying to log in:

Follow the same steps above to activate a user again.

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