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Working with Patient Lists - T-Pro Dictate
Working with Patient Lists - T-Pro Dictate

Author => This article explains the extended patient list features.

Updated over a week ago

Patients lists can be implemented into your dictation process. This has to be enabled and set up in your profile.

The patient list within T-Pro Dictate has now enhanced options:

  • Two separate tabs to access patient data

  • Search field

  • Calendar function

  • Filter options

The Schedules part displays the patients in the order of their appointments on the current day.

You can navigate the calendar using the arrows to view or use data from past or previous appointments.

Use the search bar at the top to look for a certain patient (with their name or ID).

If no match comes up for the selected date, leave the search input in the search field and change the date in the calendar. You will get a result for the date the patient was (or is) scheduled for.

Tap on a patient entry to select and use the patient data in your dictation.

The Filter button allows you to access additional patient lists, e.g. if you are working for different clinics.

In the filter section displayed above tap on the List field to select another patient list and Apply.

Switch to the Patient tab to search independently from your schedule.

You can search for the patient's name or ID.

We have implemented a "fuzzy search" which brings up valid results even when the name is slightly misspelled.

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk or [email protected].

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