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First Time Login Process
First Time Login Process

All users => This article describes the set up process when you first start working with T-Pro.

Updated over a week ago

We have enhanced the T-Pro applications with additional security measures. These requirements only show once when you first log into the system.

Note: This applies across all T-Pro platforms. In this article we are looking at the web application but if you go through the first time login on your mobile device (using T-Pro Dictate) you will have the same process.


The new user has to accept the EULA to continue using the app.

Individual password

The new user has been provided with a temporary password. In this step you need to set an individual password which also must match your organisations requirements.

Mobile number

At this screen you can enter a mobile number.

  • This might be required if your organisation is using additional security features at login (multi factor authentication).

  • With a verified mobile number you can recover your account without the help of an administrator if needed.

A verification code will be sent to your number via sms. The number is then stored in your profile and can only be viewed by yourself or your manager or the admin.

Contact email

At this screen you can enter a contact email address.

  • With a verified email address you can recover your account without the help of an administrator if needed.

  • T-Pro can use this address to send you notifications. This needs to be enabled in your profile.

Author signature

At this screen you have the option to set up your signature. The default signature displayed can be used or an individualised file uploaded.​

  • In the mobile app T-Pro Dictate you can write the signature on the touchscreen and save it.

  • Once set up the same signature will be use across all platforms to sign off your documents.

Set up later - Continue account setup

In all screens you can also select SET UP LATER to continue with the account setup at a later stage.

  • A reminder will come up at each login.

If you select NEVER ASK AGAIN, you will not receive reminders about setting up your mobile number or contact email address.

Nevertheless, you can do so at any later stage in your profile section (EDIT ACCOUNT).

If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk or

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