Assign Patient Data to a Task

Transcriber, Editor, Reviewer => This article explains how to assign or update patient information on pending tasks.

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While working with PENDING tasks, you'll notice missing patient information.

Patient name and ID are missing in this sample.

Below we are offering you a short training video on the topic or a step-by-step guide:

1) Support video

2) Step by step

If you find missing patient information in a pending task, click on the task to access it. The Edit task information window opens:

Here, you can correct or add patient information.

a) Use ADD MANUALLY if you have the patient data at hand and UPDATE.

b) Otherwise, you can retrieve the patient information from the actual letter.
In this case close the window again (click the X in the top corner).

Look for the relevant information in the letter.

In this sample you see the patient name and ID. Copy the name.

  1. With a click on the pen icon you open the Edit task information window again (as displayed further up).

  2. Click on ADD MANUALLY.

  3. Past the name in the matching field and click on UPDATE.

  4. Repeat this with other information, e.g. the patient ID if necessary and click UPDATE again.

=> As a result you see the patient data at the top of the letter (next to the pen icon).

You are done and can proceed with your task as normal.

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