Upload a Task Using External Audio Files

Transcriber => this article explains how to create tasks in T-Pro with external dictation files.

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If you receive dictations as external recordings, you can now easily create tasks within

  1. Under LIVE TASKS use the Upload Recording icon in the lower right corner.

  2. In the next window, you can drag & drop the recording to create a new task, or click to browse to its location and open the file this way.

    The following file types are compatible: wav, mp3, cc, m4a, dss, ds2, wma, caf, ogg, opus

  3. You see the recording with the default Priority setting.

  4. Click into the Author search box just underneath your profile name.

A drop-down menu is showing you all available authors.

5. Click to select an author and the default Group and Document Type settings for
this author will be applied to the task.

NOTE: This can be done for several uploaded files in one step.

Insert patient information
Click on the SELECT PATIENT button in the new task next to the file name.

In the following screen you select or enter the patient's name and ID/MRN and save it to the task.

6. Click on SEND to create the task and move it along the transcription route to
the next work step.

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