File Upload for Transcribers

Transcriber role => This article explains how to upload files from an author's DVR on their behalf

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As a transcriber you can upload audio files recorded with an external device (e.g. digital voice recorder) for clinicians.

  1. Login using your username and password.

  2. In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, click on the the blue Upload button.

3. To upload, either drag and drop audio files over the area or click to browse to navigate to the audio file location.
The latter is often the easier option.

4. Clicking will allow you to browse to the external DVR.

5. Select the required file(s) and select Open.

6. Set the following task information:

  • Select the correct Author from the dropdown list (1)

  • Priority is set to Normal by default (2)

  • The group will be populated automatically with the author’s default group; it can be changed manually if the author is a member of different groups (3).

  • Select the document type (4).

  • If at hand, enter the patient data; Click the blue SELECT PATIENT button (5).

NOTE: It is possible to select several tasks at once for the upload but only if they belong to the same author. Priority, Group and Document type can then be selected individually for each task if needed.

9. Otherwise use UPLOAD MORE to add additional files from the device and repeat the above steps.

10. Click SEND when ready to upload.

NOTE: Copying audio files from an external device to T-Pro does not delete the files on the device. This will need to be done manually to avoid uploading duplicates the next time the external device is connected.

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