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T-Pro Login with Microsoft Account
T-Pro Login with Microsoft Account

All users => This article explains how to access the T-Pro web application with your Microsoft company account.

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If your organisation is applying an authentication method that you can use your Microsoft/company account credentials to log in to the T-Pro application follow the simple steps below:

Sign in with Microsoft

  1. Go to to access the web application.

  2. In the T-Pro login screen click on Sign in with Microsoft.

  3. Enter your account name and click Next.

  4. Enter the password for your Microsoft account and click on Sign in.

  5. At first login you need to grant T-Pro the permission to access your profile information.

  6. Click Yes to proceed.

=> You enter the T-Pro application. Depending on your role and settings the main workspace might look different to the one displayed below.

Note: If your Microsoft account requires additional security settings (e.g. multi-factor authentication) at sign-in, these will also apply when signing in to the T-Pro application with your Microsoft account credentials.


Within your profile in T-Pro you can set an additional email address (contact email) for optional notifications, enhanced security, and to access the T-Pro account recovery.

  1. To do so click on your user name in the top right corner and on EDIT ACCOUNT.

  2. In the next screen (PROFILE) you see your user email set as confirmed in the Contact email field (green arrow below).

  3. Use the pen icon to change this contact email if required.
    You need to verify it before it can be used by the system.

  4. Below the fields you can enable email notifications.

  5. Optional you can also set a mobile number.
    Use the pen icon to enter a valid number and confirm it.

  6. Click on UPDATE PROFILE when you are done.

Set/Reset your T-Pro Password

This can be done within the application.

  1. Click on your user name in the top right corner and on EDIT ACCOUNT.

  2. Move from the PROFILE section to SECURITY:

  3. You need to know your current T-Pro password.

  4. Then, enter a new one and confirm.

  5. Click on SAVE.

=> This enables you to still access T-Pro in case a problem occurs with the Microsoft sign-in method.

Reminder: This does not change the password of your general access to your SSO account (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). This in an additional option which applies to accessing your T-Pro account only.

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