Function Keys for Typists

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New functions have been implemented to work in T-Pro's web application when typing a task.

They can be activated with the function keys F2 - F11 on your keyboard.

Key assignment

F2 - Play & Pause

F3 - Rewind

F4 - Fast Forward & Stop

F5 - Add Cc

F6 - QC/Review Flag

F7 - Save the task & send to the next stage (same as F1)

F8 - Duplicate the task

F9 - Mark as WIP

F10 - Add a note

F11 - Return to task list


To use the above functions on keys with shared functionality (hotkeys) - as you usually have on laptops - change the settings as described below.
This will enable you to use the function keys without having to press another key at the same time.

Mac users - click the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen and go to -> System Settings -> Keyboard -> under Keyboard Navigation -> click on Keyboard Shortcut -> select Function Keys -> then check “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys"

MS Windows 10 users - search for a key with a lock symbol - hold this key down together with the unlock key (this might be the Fn key or Esc depending on your machine) - see if a notification or LED indicates the change


See the following examples of options which can easily be accessed by a key stroke.

Function keys to navigate the timeline

With the key F2 you start and stop the dictation.
F3 rewinds in the following ways:

  • F3 on pause => rewinds in second intervals and stops

  • Pressing F3 while the audio is playing => rewinds in second intervals and continues to play the audio
    Note: The rewinding intervals depend on your Audio Player Settings

F4 fast forwards the dictation. You need to press F4 a second time to stop forwarding.

F7 SAVE the task. You will be returned to the task list.

Additional address

F5 brings up the address book to enter another address in Cc.

QC flag

F6 enters the time code for QC flagging.

Duplicate task

F8 creates a duplicate of the task, alleviating the need to access the menu option below.

Keep as WIP

Keep the task as work in progress with F9.

Add a note

Hit F10 to jump to the NOTES section. The cursor is placed in the comment field.

Return to the task list

Use F11 to return the task to the task list where you opened it from (here PENDING). Changes will be saved.

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