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Task Notifications for Transcribers

Clerical role =>This article describes task notifications on the Dashboard and their options

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If your organisation is using T-Pro with their existing IT system integrated you receive Task Notifications on your Dashboard.

Task notifications are listed when an error has been detected by the system.

This could be one of the following scenarios:

  • Electronic delivery

  • Connection timeout

  • Export data validation error - e.g. invalid patient or episode


Open a task

Click an a task notification to open the respective task.

It will open in a new tab in view-only mode.


From here, you could print the document.

Click on the print icon on the left of the menu bar.

The print dialog will come up.

In the above example one physical copy will be printed.

Notify a manager

If a task needs fixing you should notify a manager who can then take the appropriate action.


Once the issue has been solved you can mark the notification as such.

Click on the three dots to display the action MARK AS SOLVED.

This can also be done in bulk:
Select the notifications by ticking the box in front of the relevant entries.

Click on ACTIONS in the header of the list.

Then, click on MARK AS SOLVED.


If needed you can export the entire list to a .csv file.

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