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T-Pro Web v2.9.0

Released 27 May 2024

  • Default setting for duplex printing - option can be set on browser storage for users

  • Create default CCs on templates - set-up default CCs on templates which will automatically be populated when a task is created from the address book or dynamically based on integration

  • Availability of Formatting and Auto Text from NLP in the web application - users with NLP can access their Formatting and Auto Text entries via their profile settings

  • Additional Author filter under All Tasks - Authors can filter all tasks by other authors from the same organisation

  • All Tasks including Visit Date field - new table settings under All Tasks

T-Pro Web v2.8.0
Released 10 May 2024

  • Error notifications for Clerical - Clerical users are able to see the task notifications from the groups they are part of in their Dashboard

  • Mark task notifications as Solved in bulk - users that have access to task notifications can select all and mark them as solved

  • eCM charge calls per time - eCM can now be charged per minute

  • Tasks with status "Store | Pending" can be finalised in bulk - users can now select multiple tasks with the status "Store | Pending" and mark them as completed in bulk; they then receive the status "Completed" for history and audit trails

  • Export a list of task notifications from the dashboard - for facilities with huge numbers of task notifications the list can easily be cleared

T-Pro Web v2.0.7

Released 24 April 2024

  • Sync NLP and web users / groups / facilities - for every user interaction between the web application and NLP the Organisation name, the Group name, and the User data will be synchronised

  • eCM group calls - patient contact details are not displayed in the Session information panel - personal patient data is hidden in group calls

  • When an entity is deleted, the user emails are renamed - all user email are renamed when an entity is deleted ([email protected]) to free up emails for further use

  • Print icon displayed in All Tasks and Live Tasks - when a task is printed a printer icon is displayed along with the print details; users get an easy overview about what has been printed already

T-Pro Web v2.0.6

Released 30 Mar 2024

  • eCM - Load visit data prior to patient data - patient data can now be retrieved based on the visit ID. This works across all methods of task creation.

  • Block eCM access to a new session when another is already running - implemented a validation that only one session can be opened at a time

  • Support of line pricing - option to charge the cost per line for tasks rather than per character only

  • Mapping of external devices with slide buttons - system compatibility with external devices which work with slide buttons

T-Pro Web v2.0.5

Released 15 Mar 2024

  • Redact patient data for vendors - setting to prevent vendor transcribers accessing patient information

  • Complete multiple tasks after printing - enables clerical users to send multiple tasks at once (in bulk) to be completed

  • Duplex Printing - enables two-sided printing of documents including blank pages when needed

T-Pro Web v2.0.4

Released 1 Mar 2024

  • Export list of tasks to CSV - When exporting a large number of tasks, the users can select to have the list sent to their confirmed contact email

  • Add several users to groups at once - Managers can now add users in bulk to a group, speeding up the process of users management

  • Notifications about profile updates - Security enhancement: users will be notified by email about changes to their profile data

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