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Dictating in a Single User Workflow
Dictating in a Single User Workflow

Author role => This article explains the steps if you work with T-Pro as a single user.

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If you have your own practice you can use T-Pro in a single user environment. This article explains the straight forward workflow from dictating your tasks until completion.

Below we are offering you a short support video on how to dictate documents and a step-by-step guide:

1) Support video

2) Step by step

The workflow for a single user setup does not include any reviewers, editors, or other user roles.

You do all the necessary work steps yourself; these are:

  • Creating the document

  • Adding all relevant recipients and attachments

  • Finalising the document

  • Distributing the document

Web application

  1. You are logged in with your author credentials.

  2. In the ALL TASKS section click on the new tasks icon in the lower right corner.

  3. In the Task Edit Information window you can see the default settings you work with.
    You can change the Priority and Document type e.g. if you work with different templates.

    • As a single user, you have most likely only one group you are working with.

  4. Add the patient to the task. You can do this either via the Patient search (1) or Manually (2).

    • The Patient search requires an integration of your external patient data base.

  5. Click on UPDATE to apply the task information to your template.

    (1) the Patient information which can still be edited from here via the pencil icon
    (2) the Task information showing the unique task ID and your author settings
    (4) Text editor formatting options
    (5) Your template
    (6) Speech recognition tool bar

  6. In the next step you place your cursor in the text field and click on the microphone in the bottom tool bar to activate it.
    Start your dictation.

  7. When you have completed your document you have the following options:

    Delete - discards the task and returns the user to the LIVE TASKS screen

    Keep as WIP - saves the task in DRAFTS for future editing

    Finalise - digitally signs the document; the new status will be Completed

    Finalising a task also removes it from your LIVE TASKS list. To look up a finalised task again you move to ALL TASKS. Use the filter for tasks with the status Completed.

  8. To print finalised tasks just mark them in the ALL TASKS list and click on the ACTIONS icon to the right of the table header.

Mobile application

In case you dictate with the smart phone using the T-Pro mobile app (e.g. Dictate) the task will be uploaded to the web application and appears in the APPROVAL tab.

To finalise a task from here open it and approve it with the thumbs up icon.

=> The task will receive the status Completed. Follow step 8 above for printing.

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