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Watermark for Draft Documents
Watermark for Draft Documents

This article explains the watermark option and how to enable it.

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T-Pro offers the option to set a watermark which marks your documents as a DRAFT on all statuses before Approval.

Enable the watermark (Admin or Master role)

Enable the watermark

This setting needs to be enabled on facility level (Admin or Master account)

Facility settings

Under your facility's SETTINGS click on SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS.

Search for the Watermark key (1) and enable it (2).
Save the updated settings (3).

Before you leave the SETTINGS save your changes.

=> the watermark option is enabled for the entire facility
=> it will be printed on all printouts of unapproved tasks

Watermark on printouts

If your facility is using the watermark it appears on all printed documents which have not yet been approved.


Watermark disappears after approval

If the user(s) who are set as approver(s) in the transcription route of your tasks approve the document the watermark disappears.

It will not be displayed on your printouts or on electronically distributed files.

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